"Isn't it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?" R.A.J. Phillips
A little blurb about my book on YouTube! Thought I'd share some thoughts on my new book!

Echoes of Reality on YouTube
Well, now that my book is published and just waiting for some promotions to start, thought I would share one of my recent amateur astronomy images of the Orion Nebula with Running Man! You can kind of make out Running Man as the Gumby-like nebula to the left.

I definitely need to get the telescope back out there when the clouds clear!

If you are interested, check out an interview I did on Awesome Gang:

Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War just went live this morning on Amazon! Check it out and leave a review!! I hope you all take a look and if you get a copy, you enjoy the novel.

I always welcome any comments you may have about the book.

Amazon Link
Just finished the final submission for my book. Looks like everything should be available by Feb. 9th! In the meantime, here is another chapter to look over if you liked the first one: Chapter Two: Notre-Dame (848 AD)
I'm getting very close to finishing up the final touches on my manuscript, Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War. All I can say is that I'm excited about the novel and hope readers will be as well. The publication date is set for February 11th, 2019 and will include both a Kindle and paperback version.

Here is a link to the pre-order version of the novel on Amazon: Echoes of Reality: The Hidden War

Just to give a preview, here is a link to a few sample pages from the first chapter. Enjoy! Chapter One: Rome (80 BC)